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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Roundup – What We Know So Far (US, UK, Canada, India)

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date – What We Gathered So Far

The clock is ticking, the days are passing and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is continuously getting ready for its release. Nonetheless, thanks to the inevitable flow of time, the actual launch of the handset is getting closer and closer despite the fact that neither the device itself nor its future buyers do (or can do) anything regarding the matter. Time flows, S4 enthusiasts are readying their wallets and the handset itself is sitting “there” in the near future, waiting for us to catch up with it and pick it up from the shelves.

So, what’s there to do in the meantime while the minutes are flying by? Well, how about rounding up what we know so far regarding the handset’s release date?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Roundup - What We Know So Far

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Roundup – What We Know So Far

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Roundup

Last time we’ve discussed the release of Samsung’s latest flagship we’ve reported that the gadget will allegedly benefit from its own live event in India, on April 25. Two days after that the handset will go on sale on the Indian market (that’s April 27th). Let’s hope the aforementioned rumors will be right on the money.

Nevertheless, the Galaxy S4 is expected to hit the shelves in 155 countries and although we can’t keep an eye on all of them we can at least discuss a bit more about Galaxy S4’s release in US, UK and Canada.

In UK, myriad of carriers have shown their interest in offering the handset on their networks, and apparently, most of them (if not all) are expected to start selling the device on April 26th.

That takes care of the good ol’ United Kingdom, so what about Canada and US? Well, T-Mobile has announced that its customers will be able to purchase the S4 from Magenta’s stores starting with May 1st, while the rest of the carriers have remained quiet.

Well, Sprint has put up a pre-registration page and AT&T has announced that the device will be available for pre-order on April 16th, but no exact launch date has been revealed. Verizon on the other hand has failed to acknowledge the gadget’s existence altogether, despite the fact that it’s already been spotted at the FCC.

As for Canada, once again, a handful of retailers and carriers have announced the S4 and started their pre-registration campaigns, but no exact release date is set in stone. If we’re to believe the rumors though, Samsung’s finest should go on sale further up North starting with April 26.

We’ll keep you posted.