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Samsung Galaxy S4 in UK – Much More Successful Than The Galaxy S3 ?

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Samsung Galaxy S4 in UK: More Successful Than Its Predecessor

The good old Samsung Galaxy S2 has been a tremendous success as the Korean manufacturer has managed to sell tens of millions of units to date. Nevertheless, its successor -the Samsung Galaxy S3- has been even more successful than the S2, and well, we’re starting to see a pattern.

Galaxy S flagship devices are clearly very successful and for good reasons. With each new iteration, Samsung has been able to deliver more software features and better hardware (obviously). Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, with each new S smartphone, the series becomes more and more renowned.

With all that being said, many of us have begun wondering how much more successful can the SGS4 get, and whether or not it will overtake its predecessors in terms of sales figures. Well, we now might have the answer.

Samsung Galaxy S4 in UK - Much More Successful Than The Galaxy S3 ?

Samsung Galaxy S4 in UK – Much More Successful Than The Galaxy S3 ?

Samsung Galaxy S4 in UK

Samsung flagships have been quite successful in the UK (alongside Sony Xperia smartphones), and as many of you might already know by now, many UK retailers and carriers have already shown a great interest in delivering the gadget in that particular region.

Interestingly enough, Carphone Warehouse has recently made a statement indicating that the S4 is probably the most sought-after gadget in the UK at this point, or at least four times more sought-after than the Samsung Galaxy S3 was when it was getting ready to hit the shelves.

According to the retailer, the number of SGS4 pre-registrations recorded on its webpage is 446 percent higher than what Carphone Warehouse has dealt with last year, in SGS3’s case.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily means that the Galaxy S4 will sell four times more than the S3, simply because we’re talking about pre-registrations and not pre-orders, but it must count for something and clearly the S4 is a really sought after device.

Are you among those who have shown an interest in Samsung’s flagship?

Thanks Android Central for the heads-up regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4 in UK.