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Official: Samsung Galaxy S5 To Come With 16MP ISOCELL Camera (Note 4 Also Likely)

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We’ve said this on numerous occasions before: nowadays, the main camera of a smartphone is an important piece of the puzzle. Handset manufacturers are constantly pushing new technologies in this department, and during 2013 the concept of the “cameraphone” has become more and more popular.

While both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Note 3 have been very successful (and continue to be), their cameras are not actually something to write home about (at least when compared to Nokia Lumia 1020, Sony Xperia Z1, LG G2 and the like). The lack of OIS is one of the biggest omissions, while low light performance/quality is also an issue. Fortunately Samsung is definitely working on delivering better modules, and starting with the Galaxy S5, we might get to experience a brand new technology. More details below.

Official: Samsung Galaxy S5 To Come With 16MP ISOCELL Camera (Note 4 Also Likely)

Official: Samsung Galaxy S5 To Come With 16MP ISOCELL Camera (Note 4 Also Likely)

Samsung ISOCELL Technology

Samsung ISOCELL Technology

Samsung Galaxy S5 to Pack a 16 MP ISOCELL Camera

As some of you already know by now, Samsung has recently held its “Analyst Day” conference in Seoul, where the company talked about various aspects regarding its plans for the mobile market, with nearly 350 analysts present on site. During this event, we’ve learned that the Korean giant is currently planning on delivering more AMOLED tablets in 2014, but that is not all.

A while back we found out that Samsung has developed a new type of technology for its smartphone cameras, dubbed “ISOCELL”. On short, ISOCELL replaces the BSI (back side illumination) just as BSI has replaced FSI before it.

So what’s ISOCELL? Samsung calls it the next generation pixel technology. Long story short, ISOCELL forms a physical barrier between neighboring pixels, isolating each and every one of them. This process allows more photons to be collected and absorbed into the correct pixel, reducing electrical crosstalk between pixels. In translation, ISOCELL is able to deliver more color-accurate pictures, and it also performs better in low light conditions.

Anyway, Samsung claims that this 16 MP ISOCELL sensor will be the main sensor for its 2014-2015 smartphones (see the above screenshot taken from on of the company’s official Analyst Day slides). As such, the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will make use of a 16MP ISOCELL camera is pretty much a no-brainer. Actually this comes in line with the reports from a few days ago when the Korean media was claiming that Samsung’s 2014 flagships will arrive with a 16MP camera.

It all sounds fine and dandy, but the only issue we see with this announcement is that there was no mention of OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). So, is the Galaxy S5 going to deliver an ISOCELL module without OIS (again)? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time when this theory pops to the forefront.

Of course, it’s also likely that the Galaxy Note 4 will also feature a 16MP ISOCELL camera, but knowing the fact that each iteration from the Note phablet series gets released towards the end of the year … who knows what Sasmung will come up with until then?

We’ll keep you posted.


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