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Samsung Still Having Issues Producing Enough Six-Lens Optics For Its Galaxy S5?

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While the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S5 appears to be set in stone on a global scale, numerous events have transpired lately, suggesting that the Korean giant might actually face some launch problems. Either that, or the handset will hit the market even earlier than expected.

I know, it sounds rather complicated, but it actually isn’t. In a nutshell, not too long ago, a PCB factory belonging to one of Samsung’s suppliers caught on fire, resulting in the destruction of equipment and materials. While this was only one of the numerous factories working for Samsung, some “minor” supply issues were to be expected following this unfortunate incident.

On the other hand, due to SK Telecom’s business suspension, reports suggest that Samsung might want to bring the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date forward (before April 5), but then again, new reports also indicate that Sammy is facing production issues. More details below.

Samsung Still Having Issues Producing Enough Six-Lens Optics For Its Galaxy S5

Samsung Still Having Issues Producing Enough Six-Lens Optics For Its Galaxy S5

Samsung Continues to Have Issues with Producing SGS5’s Optics

More than a week ago, reports have surfaced on the web, suggesting that Samsung is facing production issues with its 16 MP ISOCELL camera. The issue was not the sensor itself, but the problem resided in molding the complex 6-elements optics to be precisely centered.

Fortunately, it now seems that Samsung has quickly dealt with the molding issue, but sadly, the Korean giant appears to keep running into various other problems.

According to the Korean media, Samsung is now facing difficulties with the lens module and the coating process which is currently unstable. While the tech giant has made tremendous progress in fixing the aforementioned production issues, the company might still face some low yield problems. Initially, due to the difficulties concerning molding (which appear to have been successfully handled), only 20-30% of the needed SGS5 units were being produced. Now, while the production has ramped up, Samsung expects to have anywhere between 4 to 5 million units ready at launch, while the company’s initial target was between 5 to 7 million units.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that the Galaxy S5 might get launched before April 5, at least in Korea, so all in all, there’s a lot of tension and Samsung seems to go through a pretty rough patch. Hopefully the company will manage to overcome these obstacles in time. We’ll keep you posted.