Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6: Bezel-Less, S5 With Embedded Fingerprint Sensor (Report)

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We’re just a few weeks away from the Mobile World Congress, and the “plot” thickens. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is on its way, and every gadget enthusiast out there is most likely quite excited about learning what the next flagship has to offer.

Over the fence, in Apple’s camp, the iPhone 6 is also said to deliver tons of improvements over the current model, and the rumors kept flowing despite the fact that the device is not nearly as close to its finish line as the Galaxy S5 is.

Nevertheless, earlier today we’ve found some interesting information concerning these two devices, specifically on the topic that both smartphones will have a few things in common. Join us below for details.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 Might Share Some Key Features – Bezel-free Display and On-Screen Fingerprint Scanning

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 Might Share Some Key Features – Bezel-free Display and On-Screen Fingerprint Scanning

Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6: Bezel-less Displays With Embedded Fingerprint Scanners

Yup, as the subtitle above suggests, according to the Korean media, both Samsung and Apple’s next flagship phones will feature bezel free displays.

In the case of the Galaxy S5, sources suggest that the home button will be gone for good, and that at the bottom of the smartphone’s screen will reside an embedded fingerprint scanner. The said sensor will allegedly be located in the lower left and lower right corners of the screen, and not on its entire surface (like some recent rumors have claimed).

The same source also said that fingerprint scanners that would cover the entire surface of a display will be implemented in smartphones that will hit the shelves in the second half of the year, as the tech is just not ready yet for mass production.

The report also suggests that the SGS5 will be much slimmer, due to the fact that Samsung will utilize a different type of display that will not make use of an ITO layer. We’re thinking IGZO, and that would be fantastic, but we can’t know for sure. The screen will also be sensitive enough to be used while wearing gloves.

The same goes for the iPhone 6, at least according to the source, who claims that the next Apple flagship will feature a bezel-free screen that supports fingerprint scanning. Nevertheless, it’s a bit early in the year to draw definitive conclusions regarding the next iPhone, and we’re fairly sure that more theories will pop-up during the next months. Stick around and we’ll tell you what’s what.