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Samsung Galaxy S5 To Miss Out On Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging?

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With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 closing in, we’re hearing all sorts of interesting things surrounding this highly anticipated device. Spec-wise, the handset should bring a handful of impressive features, including a top notch Snapdragon / Exynos processor, 3 or 4 GB of RAM, a QHD display and a more powerful camera. Aside from that, the device could take advantage of iris recognition technology, and we’ve previously reported that the touch-free gesture sensors have been greatly improved, and are now capable of “multi-hovering” detection. Furthermore, the handset is said to break Samsung’s tradition, as it might be built out of a stainless steal-plastic combination, which could be finished with a diamond-like coating.

All that being said, the Galaxy S5 is shaping up to be an impressive smartphone, and the Korean manufacturer is working on bringing new and improved technologies to the table. However, there’s one feature in particular that the SGS5 might miss out on: magnetic resonance wireless charging. More after the break.

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Miss Out On Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging?

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Miss Out On Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging?

No Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging for the Samsung Galaxy S5?

As you might remember, back in October we’ve talked about the main difference between magnetic induction and magnetic resonance wireless charging (Hint: how does wireless charging without the device actually touching the charging pad and through various non-metal surfaces sound?). At that time, we found out that Samsung is working diligently on implementing magnetic resonance wireless charging on its top-tier smartphones by mid-2014.

Since the Galaxy S5 is set to hit the shelves sometime within the next couple of months, initially we haven’t had high hopes that the device in question would take advantage of this technology. However, meanwhile there have been voices whispering that magnetic resonance tech could actually make its debut on the SGS5.

Unfortunately, that might not be the case after all, as earlier today we’ve stumbled across bits of information from Korea’s “industry officials”. According to the source, implementing magnetic resonance wireless charging on the Galaxy S5 would not be a difficult task. The tech exists, and in theory, it’s ready to be fitted on top-tier smartphones. However, Samsung doesn’t think that the technology is marketable yet, and is unsure whether SGS5 enthusiasts would be willing to pay a bit extra for magnetic resonance charging.

In other words, the Galaxy S5 needs to be a hit, and Samsung has to take into account a ton of things. As long as there’s a risk that this type of technology would hinder the smartphone’s success, then Samsung might not go for it.

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