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Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Not Feature An OIS Enabled Camera After All

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Smartphone cameras are getting more and more powerful nowadays, and they slowly tend to replace the regular point-and-shoot solutions. As such, one of the most sought-after feature in a smartphone camera is OIS (optical image stabilization), a technology that basically makes images look less blurry. There are a handful of smartphones out there that already make extensive use of OIS, including the LG G2. Evidently, Samsung is not really happy about that, given the fact that the Galaxy Note 3 is lacking this particular technology.

Anyhow, there have been quite a few rumors suggesting that the Galaxy S5 will deliver OIS in its camera, but according to the latest reports, it might not be the case after all. Join us after the break and find out the alleged reasons.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Not Feature An OIS Enabled Camera After All

Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Not Feature An OIS Enabled Camera After All

Samsung Galaxy S5 to be Launched Without an OIS Camera?

According to the Korean media, Samsung might not be able to fit an OIS-enabled camera on its next flagship after all. The alleged reasons are not new, and it has to do with Samsung’s suppliers – the same rumored reason why the Note 3 is lacking this feature. If the success of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a clear indicator of how sought-after the SGS5 will be, according to the source, the company’s suppliers will not be able to keep up. That’s why Samsung is debating, internally, how to proceed. Given how OIS capabilities will become mandatory for a 2014 flagship phones, this might end up causing the manufacturer to push back the Galaxy S5.

The good news however, is that Samsung seems to plan on developing more and more hardware in-house, in an attempt to prevent these types of situations. For instance, the Note 3 was supposed to pack a fingerprint scanner as well, but the chip that was originally developed by a 3rd party supplier failed to pass the Q&A tests. As such, recent reports have suggested that Samsung is now working on an in-house fingerprint scanner that may be ready for mass production at the beginning of 2014.

In other words, while Samsung is doing great and manages to push more and more smartphones on the market, the high demand also seems to hinder the production of new technologies. Hopefully, the manufacturer will start producing its own parts sooner rather than later, and perhaps the company will manage to develop its own OIS-enabled camera before the Galaxy S5 will hit the conveyor belts. We’ll keep an eye out, so stay tuned.