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Korean Media: Samsung Galaxy S5 and Other 2014 Samsung Flagships To Come With A 16MP Camera

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For a smartphone whose launch is still 5 or 6 months away, we’ve talked quite a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Via the “talkative” Korean media, we’ve found out what Samsung is allegedly planning for its upcoming Galaxy S flagship: from the 64-bit Exynos SoC to its possible water and dust-proof build and the manufacturer’s faith (or lack of, some would say) in its 2014 flagship line-up (which, of course, includes the Galaxy S5).

However, the one thing we feel we’ve talked the most regarding the S5 is the camera department. First, it was the whole “With OIS” / “Without OIS” debacle and then the rumors according to which the Galaxy S5 will come with a 16MP camera supplied either by Samsung LSI or Sony. Well, today another report has surfaced, via the Korean media, which describes Samsung’s plans for its 2014 flagships (as far as their camera sensor is concerned). For details, join us after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 16MP Camera Reconfirmed By Korean Media, Along With Other 2014 Samsung Flagships

According to ETNews, in 2014, not only that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a 16MP camera, but so will the other “Premium” Samsung smartphones.

According to the report, Samsung has placed orders for 181 million 16MP camera modules. As a reminder, the same source has revealed yesterday that Samsung plans on selling 360 million smartphones in 2014, out of which only 35% (126 million) will be “highly priced” devices. It would be interesting to see where the rest of the other 55 million 16MP camera modules will end up. Maybe in hybrids like the Galaxy S4 Zoom? Or, who knows, maybe in its quest to catch up with Apple in the tablet market share race, Samsung will put a 16MP camera in one of its flagship tablets? One way or another, 2014 shapes up like another interesting year.

What do you think of Samsung’s plans for next year?


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