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Samsung Galaxy S5 Price Tag: Lower Than Galaxy S4’s Original Asking Price?

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Back at MWC, when Samsung announced the Galaxy S5, the manufacturer left only one vital detail out: the Samsung Galaxy S5 price tag. And since then, those undecided if they will upgrade to Samsung’s latest flagship have been waiting for some clues, or for a downright official announcement.

Well, if you’ve been on the edge whether to buy the Galaxy S5 or not, based on its price, join us after the break for the latest.


Remember when, before the official announcement of the Galaxy S5, a rumor was claiming that Samsung’s upcoming flagship will be $100 cheaper than its predecessor? Well, the rumor might have been right on the money, or almost …

According to the Korean media, the official Samsung Galaxy S5 “factory price” is 800.000 won (roughly $744). Some of you might remember that Galaxy S4’s original asking price, in Korea, was 890.000 won (roughly $827). Therefore, if this is actually Galaxy S5’s asking price, the difference between the S5 and S4 launch price tags would be 90.000 won, or roughly $83.

Now, what remains to be seen if Samsung will keep the same price difference all over the world, or if this is only for the South Korean market.