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Report: Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature An In-House Swipe Fingerprint Sensor

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Today, high-end smartphones tend to adopt new technologies in order to appeal to the consumer by offering more than just raw hardware power. Most smartphone makers have their own “unique” features that they focus on in an attempt to stand out from the crowd. But, after a while, one manufacturer’s selling point can become the norm, and can end up being adopted by the competition. To paint a clearer picture, think about how this year we might see more waterproof smartphones thanks to Sony’s Xperia line-up. Or, think of the fact that “premium quality” design is slowly becoming the standard for the high-end Android market, mostly due to HTC. The list can go on, but you get the gist.

Getting back to the subject at hand, one of the features that are slowly becoming more popular across the board is fingerprint scanning, and according to the latest rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will adopt a scanning chip developed in-house. More details below.

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature An In-House Swipe Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature An In-House Swipe Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5 to Pack an In-House Swipe Fingerprint Scanner

According to the latest reports coming from Samsung’s homeland, the company is now producing its own fingerprint sensors instead of outsourcing the job. Supposedly, the Korean manufacturer has developed an in-house swipe fingerprint sensor that will make its debut on the Galaxy S5. We cannot help but remind ourselves that LG was also rumored to fit a swipe fingerprint sensor on the upcoming LG G3. For those of you who wonder, swipe scanning works differently than it does on the iPhone 5s.

In any case, this bit of information goes well with a recently leaked image that has been shared with the community by @evleaks. This leak came in the form of a screenshot depicting a 7-zip file with the name “FingerprintService.apk“. The file was allegedly pulled from a Galaxy S5, and almost everyone took the leak as “confirmed”. However, we’ll remain a bit skeptical for now. Not because there’s not enough evidence to support the idea of a fingerprint sensor being present on the Galaxy S5, but simply because this is one of those situations where you can’t really be certain unless Samsung spills the beans.

We shouldn’t remind you that the Note 3 was originally intended with a fingerprint sensor in mind, and that before its release, a list of APK files hinting at a fingerprint scanner was also leaked. Regardless, the Note 3 has been launched without such technology, mainly because the outsourced chip didn’t pass QA.

Bottom line, the rumors look promising and we’re hoping that they’ll become a reality with the launch of the next flagship. However, we also have plenty of reasons to remain skeptical, and we advise you to do the same, at least for now.