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Samsung Galaxy S6 To Come With A 2600mAh Battery?

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is undeniably a highly anticipated phone, more so given that Samsung has reportedly manufactured it as a brand new device aimed at revitalizing the Galaxy S line-up. The S6 will surely be unique among its siblings, as it will employ certain design cues that have never been seen before on a Samsung flagship phone. One of them will be a unibody case which will no longer give access to the battery, so in other words the SGS6 will be the first smartphone in the S series not to come with a user-removable battery.

Those of you who are worried about battery life may have hoped for a larger unit to be fitted underneath the unibody shell, but as it turns out this may not be the case at all. According to a recent report from Korea, the Galaxy S6 might have a smaller battery than the current model (by 200 mAh), but the good news is that battery life as a whole may have still been improved.

Samsung Galaxy S6 To Come With A 2600mAh Battery?

Samsung Galaxy S6 To Come With A 2600mAh Battery?

Samsung Galaxy S6 to Feature a 2,600 mAh Battery?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be unveiled on the 1st day of March at MWC 2015. We are truly excited for this smartphone’s arrival because it seems to be one of Samsung’s greatest pushes towards adopting a higher build quality philosophy.

But one of the downsides of employing a unibody design is that the battery will no longer be removable. Some manufacturers compensate for this by fitting larger batteries on their smartphones with each sequel. On the other hand, Samsung’s alleged decision to fit a smaller battery (2600mAh) does sound counter intuitive, but thanks to the brand new Exynos 7420 SoC the Galaxy S6 could in fact deliver roughly the same, or more battery life than the SGS5 before it. Impressively enough, the Exynos 7420 SoC was built on a 14nm process while the competition still uses 20nm technology. This reduction in the chip’s footprint diminishes power consumption by 30 to 35%, which in turns results in less energy being consumed and more battery life being available by the end of the day.

It’s also being rumored that, in order to compensate for the non-removable battery, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with built-in wireless charging (although the implications of this decision are interesting).

Of course, the rumors above may turn out to be incorrect, but assuming that the SGS6 will have a 2,600 mAh battery, do you think that will be enough?


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