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Samsung Galaxy S6: “Innovative Premium Handset” With a “Special Function”

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Our expectations for the Samsung Galaxy S6 are quite high. The handset should be built from the ground-up as a brand new flagship device, so we’re extremely eager to find out how the Korean tech giant intends to reinvent its top-tier Galaxy line-up.

A fresh report from Korea, citing Samsung’s head of IR, Rober Yi, says that the company plans to release an “innovative premium handset” this year, which will boast a “special function”. While he didn’t elaborate on the topic, we all expect this mysterious device to be none other than the Samsung Galaxy S6 (or maybe its Edge counterpart, or both). The good news continues though, and we’ll discuss more right after the break.

Samsung Galaxy S6: "Innovative Premium Handset" With a "Special Function"

Samsung Galaxy S6: “Innovative Premium Handset” With a “Special Function”

Samsung Galaxy S6 to be an “Innovative Premium Handset”

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S6 shapes up to be a very promising flagship phone, there have been rumors suggesting that the handset could be launched at a later date than originally scheduled. This delay would’ve been caused by the Snapdragon 810 issues leading to poor CPU performance. Qualcomm recently announced that the Snapdragon 810 won’t power “a large customer’s flagship device”, and everyone suspects this “large customer” to be none other than Samsung.

The good news however, according to recent reports from Korea (citing Park Jin Young – VP of Samsung Mobile), is that the SGS6 will apparently be launched according to schedule. The Samsung official said that there will be no issues with mass producing the necessary number of (Exynos) APs to cover all SGS6 units whatsoever.

In addition, he also said that there’s no reason for concern regarding the alleged supply shortage of metal cases for the SGS6. Last year we have feared that Samsung will not be able to keep up with building metal cases for its upcoming devices, reason why the Galaxy Alpha was rumored to be a limited edition device. While the Alpha was not a limited edition device (but only had a metal chassis, not a full metal unibody), the SGS6 will be manufactured in much greater numbers, reason why some people in the industry were fearful that the company could face yield issues.

Fortunately, the Korean company overcame these problems and is now ready to mass produce the necessary metal cases for the SGS6. And yes, according to the report, these are metal cases (read: full-metal unibody) which pretty much puts a dent in the “glass on both sides” rumor.

Last but not least, we also expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to be unveiled in about a month from now. The handset is said to feature a dual-edge display and once again, there have been concerns regarding yield. However, it seems that, according to Samsung, the A3 factory (which will be designated to produce flexible displays) will be up and running at full capacity sometime in the second quarter of the year, so no worries there either.

All in all, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched according to schedule. We expect the handset to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (March 2nd) alongside the Galaxy S6 Edge. A market release should follow roughly one month later.

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