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Samsung Gear 2 With Independent Call Making Capabilities In The Works?

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Most of you with an interest in the smartwatch market probably know that Samsung has recently unveiled, at MWC, two new devices: the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.

Aside from dropping the “Galaxy” from the official name of its upcoming smartwatches, Samsung made an interesting and somewhat unexpected change – it switched from the Android OS (which was/is running on the original Galaxy Gear) to its own software platform, the troubled Tizen.

However, it looks like Samsung might bring another radical change to a certain model of its 2nd generation of smartwatches. Join us after the break to see what’s what.


According to the Korean media, Samsung is planning to release a third Samsung Gear 2 model, one equipped with an USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity). But how will this be different from the other models, you ask? Well, the presence of an USIM module means that the smartwatch will be able to make calls on its own, without being connected to a smartphone.

It is rumored that this new model of Samsung Gear 2 will be available, at first, only in South Korea, via SK Telecom. However, an insider from the aforementioned carrier said that it is not impossible for the new model to eventually be released in other markets as well.

An industry insider, cited by the same publication, said that a smartwatch capable of independently making calls is not implausible, if Samsung would manage to overcome the battery-life issue, since a Gear 2 with an embedded USIM module would be much more power hungry than its siblings.

What do you think? Would you be interested in a Samsung-made smartwatch capable of making calls without being Bluetooth-tethered to a smartphone? Let us know in the comments section.


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