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Samsung Gear 2, Neo, Fit in Canada: Release Date, Price and Other Details

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Smartwatch enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to this year, now that numerous manufacturers have taken an interest in this particular market. More so, Google has also recently announced that it will expand its ecosystem to wearable devices, through “Android Wear”. Companies such as LG, Samsung and Motorola have already made the list of smartwatch manufacturers that will adopt Android Gear later this year.

But speaking of Samsung, let’s not forget that the Korean tech giant is already making preparations for the launch the new Tizen-powered Gear line-up. Comprised out of three devices, the new series is expected to hit the market within the next few weeks. Those of you who reside in Canada however, will be happy to find out that Samsung and certain carriers have already officially announced the Gear 2, Neo and Fit’s exact release date and price. More after the break.

Samsung Gear 2, Neo, Fit in Canada: Release Date and Other Details

Samsung Gear 2, Neo, Fit in Canada: Release Date and Other Details

Samsung Gear 2, Neo, Fit in Canada: Release Date and Price

Samsung has recently announced that the Galaxy S5 will hit the shelves in Canada on April 11, but aside from the flagship phone, the Korean giant will also launch its smartwatch line-up on the same date.

The Gear 2, Neo and Fit will become available through Rogers starting with April 11. The Gear 2 will sell for $329.99, whereas the Neo and Fit will set you back $219.99. Samsung’s flagship smartwatch will be offered in Charcoal Black, Wild Orange, Gold Brown and Mocha Gray, whereas the Fit will be retailed in black.

In addition, it appears that TELUS has also taken an interest in Samsung’s wearable gadgets and both the Gear 2 and the Fit will hit the carrier’s shelves on (you’ve guessed it) April 11. Unfortunately, it seems that TELUS will not be offering the Samsung Gear 2 Neo, for whatever reason.

Are any of you interested in buying either one of these wrist gadgets in Canada? Or will you wait for Android Wear to go mainstream before buying a smartwatch this year? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts below.