Samsung and LG Will Not Switch To 4K (UHD) Smartphone Displays in 2016 (Rumor)

The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium unveiled in September is the world’s first smartphone to boast a UHD display (2160 x 3840), but as impressive as these figures might be, recent rumors have it that not all major smartphone makers will switch to 4K displays in 2016.

According to reports from various media outlets in Korea, neither Samsung nor LG will adopt 4K displays in their 2016 smartphone-lineup due to lack of 4K content, and to avoid unnecessary power drain and overheating issues.


Samsung and LG Aren’t in a Rush to Use 4K Displays

Recently, the Korean media started buzzing with reports suggesting that Samsung and LG are not in a rush to jump on the 4K display bandwagon next year. Instead, rumors have it that the two Korean tech giants’ upcoming flagships will be equipped with QHD displays (2560 x 1440), not unlike their predecessors.

The alleged reasons behind this decision lie in the idea that Samsung Display and LG Display have yet to solve the overheating and power efficiency issues that seem to be linked with their 4K displays. In addition, the lack of 4K content on the market, as well as the fact that the two display makers haven’t received enough orders for 4K panels from other smartphone manufacturers further persuaded the Korean tech giants not to skip 4K panels next year.

The report also adds that the evolution of 4K displays is tied with 4K content and services, which should become more popular once local network providers will advance to 5G connectivity in 2018.

On a related matter, previous rumors have also explored the possibility that Samsung could release a “Premium” Galaxy S7 variant equipped with a 4K display, and needless to say, these recent rumors seem to conflict with this theory.

As usual, we advise you to treat the information accordingly as it remains subject to change.