Samsung and LG To Soon Jump on The Sapphire Display Bandwagon?

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Sapphire has been used in the manufacturing of smartphones for quite some time, but so far the material has been either exclusive to luxury phones such as the Vertu Ti, or it’s been applied on very small areas such as the iPhone’s camera lens and its fingerprint sensor. Nevertheless, manufacturers have had their eyes on sapphire glass for a few years now, and this year we’ve come across reports suggesting that the aforementioned material will become a bit more mainstream. Earlier reports have indicated that the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch might feature a sapphire glass display, and there’s also been a lot of talking regarding the 5.44 / 5.5 inch iPhone 6, which will supposedly feature a sapphire glass panel – at least on the more expensive variants, if the rumors are to be believed.

With numerous other manufacturers keeping an active interest in sapphire glass, today’s rumor suggesting that both Samsung and LG will soon adopt the material didn’t sound too far-fetched. More on that after the break.

Samsung and LG To Soon Jump on The Sapphire Display Bandwagon?

Samsung and LG To Soon Jump on The Sapphire Display Bandwagon?

Samsung and LG to Jump on the Sapphire Display Bandwagon?

According to industry insiders cited by the Korean media earlier today, both Samsung and LG have recently got in touch with sapphire glass manufacturers / suppliers in order to receive a few samples of their work. Allegedly, both companies have reviewed the material last year as well, but due to the fact that sapphire glass is a rather expensive material, neither Samsung nor LG have been willing to adopt it.

This year however, the aforementioned Korean tech giants might be forced by the industry to reconsider their decision. With numerous other gadget manufacturers putting a lot of thought into making sapphire glass feasible, and with Apple already operating the sapphire glass processing plant in US, Arizona, LG and Samsung are supposedly going to jump on the sapphire display bandwagon sooner rather than later.

It all sounds very interesting and exciting, but there might also be a downside to this story, and we should also consider the possibility that future high-end flagship phones might soon come at slightly higher price tags. Any thoughts? Feel free to share them below.