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Samsung Having Moderate Faith In The Galaxy S5, To Focus More On Tablets In 2014?

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Samsung has been in a continuous growth during these past several years, as the company in question managed to become one of the most prominent smartphone manufacturers in the world. The Korean giant has pushed the highest number of handsets in Q3 2013, and it currently holds the largest smartphone market share on a global scale.

During these past several weeks, we’ve stumbled across various reports concerning Samsung’s future plans in regards to the smartphone market. Needless to say, the company intends on growing ever so bigger, and it also intends on expanding its reach to the high-end Chinese market. But, interestingly enough, recent reports are also suggesting that next year, the Korean giant might also focus more on other products aside from the successful Galaxy S series. More details below.

Samsung Having Moderate Faith In The Galaxy S5, To Focus More On Tablets In 2014

Samsung Having Moderate Faith In The Galaxy S5, To Focus More On Tablets In 2014

Samsung to Focus More on Tablets and Low-Mid Range Smartphones?

Let’s take a quick trip down the memory line. At the beginning of the year, Samsung’s expectations were to sell 290 million smartphones during 2013. A large portion of this number was supposed to be held by the Galaxy S4, but despite the fact that the gadget in question sold like hotcakes, becoming the most successful Galaxy S smartphone ever, Samsung expected more.

Now, according to the rumors, due to the high-end market saturation, Samsung expects to sell “only” 360 million smartphones. Yes, this might seem a huge number but it’s actually the company’s smallest predicted year-on-year improvement (as far as smartphones are concerned). This might also translate into the fact that Samsung has lowered its expectations for the Galaxy S5. Of course, it still expects the Galaxy S5 to sell more than the Galaxy S4, but not by the huge margin Samsung expected the S4 to beat the Galaxy S3.

According to the Korean media, next year, the company will focus more on entry and mid-range models, with only 35% (126 mil) out of 360 million smartphones to be “highly priced” devices.

More so, sources also claim that in order to compensate for these expected “low” flagship sales, the Korean giant might turn its attention towards the tablet market, where Apple is currently thriving. There’s a lot of room for improvement in the Samsung tablet line-up, given the fact that there’s a pretty huge gap between Sammy and Apple.

In conclusion, if these reports are accurate, than Samsung will continue to grow next year, but not necessarily because of the top-tier market segment. What are your thoughts regarding the idea that Sammy will focus more on the low/mid-range smartphone segment, as well as the tablet market?