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Samsung To “Create A New Tablet Category” and Multiple Galaxy Tab Spin-Offs

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As some of you might recall, back in November we’ve found out that, in 2014, Samsung will focus more on tablets than ever before. This decision might have its roots in the idea that the smartphone market is saturated, but regardless, we’ve learned that the Korean manufacturer is planning on releasing a flurry of tablets, while gunning for Apple’s No.1 spot.

Sure enough, earlier this month, at CES, the Korean giant has lifted the veil on a handful of impressive slates, but the story is far from over. Earlier today, Samsung held a “Conference Call” during which it has revealed its profits for the 4th quarter of 2013. Despite the fact that the company’s profits have been slightly lower than last year’s, Sammy believes that gadget enthusiasts want its products (phones / tablets) more than ever. The lower profit, however, is due to massive marketing costs and year-end inventory adjustments, which led to lower shipping figures.

In any case, the most interesting part is that, during the conference, Samsung also revealed additional details regarding its plans on the tablet market segment. More details below.

Samsung To "Create A New Tablet Category" and Multiple Galaxy Tab Spin-Offs

Samsung To “Create A New Tablet Category” and Multiple Galaxy Tab Spin-Offs

Samsung to Create a New Tablet Category and Release Multiple “Galaxy Tab” Spin-Offs

According to Hyunjoon Kim (Samsung’s Executive Director), the company is planning on creating high-end tablets for business purposes. We’re talking about big screened slates (around 20 inches) with “high resolution”.

Even though Samsung says that it will create “a new tablet category”, this isn’t exactly true, as this kind of tablets is already on the market (remember the Panasonic Toughpad line-up?). However, what we think Samsung can do is making these devices as mainstream as possible, through its marketing power and distribution methods.

Aside from Samsung intending on creating “a new tablet category”, the Korean giant has also revealed that its plans are to continue and create various Galaxy Tab spin-offs. We’ve seen the new Galaxy Tab Pro line-up during CES, but that’s only the beginning.

So there you have it people. Samsung is indeed working on increasing its influence in the tablet market, and that will definitely make this year a very interesting one. Any thoughts? Share them below, and stay tuned for more.



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