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Official: Samsung Will Showcase Its “Newest Tizen Devices” at MWC 2014

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Tizen’s story has taken us through a roller-coaster ride, and if you’ve followed the blogosphere during these past several months, then you might already know the ins and outs. Long story short, the Tizen platform was originally planned for a mid-2013 release, but the launch has been delayed and the new OS is still nowhere to be found. Japanese carrier NTT Docomo requested that the first Tizen device to be ready for the masses by the end of January, but Samsung hasn’t been able to deliver. As such, NTT Docomo has decided to step down, and the Tizen Platform lost one of its strongest backers.

Fortunately, not everything is lost, and Samsung intends on unveiling its newest Tizen devices in about a month from now.

Official: Samsung Will Showcase Its "Newest Tizen Devices" at MWC 2014

Official: Samsung Will Showcase Its “Newest Tizen Devices” at MWC 2014

Samsung to Unveil its Tizen Devices at MWC 2014

Samsung had quite a presence at this year’s CES, but we have a feeling that the company will have more to show during the Mobile World Congress. In fact, Samsung has now started sending out invites for an event that will take place in Barcelona on February 23, at Hotel ARTS. The event is going to be focused solely on the Tizen platform, and Samsung claims that only at this event, the press and enthusiasts will have the chance to get an exclusive sneak preview of the newest Tizen devices.

While NTT Docomo will most likely not be present at the event, other backers are expected to attend, such as SK Telecom, KT Corporation and LG U+.

That’s all for now, but in a month from now we’ll most likely see whether or not Tizen is worth it. It’s rather difficult to lift a new platform from the ground, when Android and iOS are going strong. Ubuntu has also gained grip lately and it looks like it’s one step ahead of Tizen, thanks to the collaboration between Canonical and Meizu. Whether or not Samsung’s platform will manage to make an impact remains to be seen, but we should remind you that these first Tizen devices will most likely not fit in the high-end range.



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