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Senior Samsung Official: Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Not Be Announced at MWC

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As expected, these days, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the talk of the mobile industry. Because so many reports, originating from “inside sources”, have surfaced, one might be inclined to think that we know almost everything there is to know about Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

However, as we always advise our readers, these rumors must be taken with a grain of salt, not because they are necessarily fake (even though many of them are), but because a lot of things can and will change once a certain device goes through the motions. Manufacturers are testing multiple prototypes at a time, they can run into production issues, they might strategically postpone or bring forward the release of a device, as the market is always changing and the competition is really fierce in this day and age.

Recently, more and more reports have been claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will not see the light of day at MWC 2014, even though numerous, earlier reports have claimed otherwise. Join us after the break for the latest regarding Galaxy S5’s official introduction.


As some of you might know, recently, a new rumor has surfaced, claiming that the S5 will not be seen at MWC. Instead, according to Sammobile’s sources, Samsung will unveil its upcoming flagship in March, at a London based event.

If you were still hoping to see the next iteration in the Galaxy S series at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, you’ll be in for a disappointment, as a new report (this time straight from Samsung’s home country), is claiming that, according to a “senior Samsung official“, the Galaxy S5 will not be introduced to the world this February, in Barcelona.

The unnamed Samsung official is cited saying that, as far as Samsung is concerned, MWC is intended to be “more of a business meeting” and that the timing just isn’t right for the official Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement.

ZDnet Korea thinks that the S5 will be unveiled at a New York event (just like its predecessor), sometime in March. So, there you have it: chances are that the Galaxy S5 will indeed be MIA at MWC, with Samsung saving it for a March event, with London and New York being the main candidates for the “where” part. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn more.


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