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Samsung To Announce Its First QHD Smartphone at MWC 2014? Is It The Samsung Galaxy S5?

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A new week is upon us and what better way to start it off, other than reading fresh reports regarding the mobile market? Well, if you’re here for your daily dose of information, then sit back and enjoy, as earlier today we’ve stumbled across new bits and pieces from Samsung’s big puzzle for year 2014.

According to the Korean media, Sammy is going to announce its first QHD smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in 2014, which will be held in Barcelona between the 24th and 27th of February. Launching a QHD smartphone is an expected move from Samsung, given the fact that this type of screen resolution is slowly becoming the new norm for flagship devices. But, there’s more to talk about, so join us after the break for the details.

Samsung To Announce Its First QHD Smartphone at MWC 2014?

Samsung To Announce Its First QHD Smartphone at MWC 2014?

Samsung’s First QHD Smartphone and Future Technologies

Like we previously mentioned, judging by the latest reports, Samsung’s first QHD smartphone (2560 x 1440 resolution) will be unveiled by the end of February. The same sources are claiming that Samsung will also launch, in 2014, a device which will introduce the new iris scanning technology. We don’t know if said tech will be present on the QHD smartphone, but it isn’t impossible.

In light of earlier reports, even if the Korean media doesn’t mention this first Samsung QHD smartphone by name, it might the be Galaxy S5 we’re talking about. After all, a MWC announcement comes in line with the rumored March-April S5 release time-frame.

Circling back to the iris scanning tech, this new security method has already been patented by Samsung, last month, and it’s supposed to offer an alternative to the fingerprint scanner. Is the new fingerprint scanner tech going to be so quickly replaced by Samsung’s fresh security feature? We’ll have to wait and see, as it all depends on how the Korean giant will implement this new tech, otherwise we might end up with what might feel like a glorified face unlock.

Samsung definitely has some interesting goodies in store for us, and we can’t wait to sample them. Stay tuned!