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Report: Samsung Manages To Sell 40 Million Tablets in 2013

by Vlad Andrici on December 29, 2013

As some of you might remember, Samsung announced, during the company’s Analyst Day held at the beginning of November, that its goal for 2013 is to sell 40 million tablets and over 100 million Galaxy S and note devices.

We don’t know about the Galaxy S / Note devices, but as far as tablet sales go, it looks like Samsung has indeed managed to achieve its goal. If interested, join us after the break for more on the subject.


According to the Korean media (citing Samsung insiders), thanks to the launch of the 2014 edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (and most definitely thanks to the holiday season), Samsung has managed to ship more than 12 million tablets during the forth and final quarter of 2014.

If you add these 12 million units to Q1′s 9.1 million, Q2′s 8.4 million, and to Q3′s 10.5 million tablets sold, you get exactly 40 million units. When reporters asked, a few days ago, if the company has manaed to achieve its “40 million tablets sold” goal, a Samsung official avoided a direct answer, saying something along the lines “we don’t know yet, but we’ll check“.

40 million tablets sold in one year might sound like a lot but Samsung is aiming even higher. During the last couple of months, reports transpired, indicating that Samsung will focus a lot more on tablets during 2014, and as such, the manufacturer expects to sell a whooping 100 million units.

What do you think? With the 40 million goal achieved and with an even more daring one for 2014, is Samsung a threat to Apple’s tablet market share? Let us know in the comments section.


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