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Samsung Tizen: Redwood (GT-I8805) and Melius (GT-I8800) Undergoing Testing?

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It’s no secret that Samsung is working on at least two devices powered by the Tizen OS. Considering the fact that the South Korean company is one of the main backers of the project (along with Intel), it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the manufacturer will heavily promote this upcoming OS in the near future.

According to previous rumors and leaks, two of the first Tizen powered smartphones are supposed to be the Samsung GT-I8805 (codenamed Redwood) and the GT-I8800 (codenamed Melius). Availability wise, word on the street is that the Tizen duo will be released in US and Europe sometime this summer, and judging by the latest leak, the Redwood and Maelius seem to be on track for a late summer / early autumn release date. Join us after the break for more.

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Samsung Tizen: Redwood and Melius Undergoing Testing?

What you see above is allegedly a screenshot of a “Test Center Check-In” sheet pertaining to one of Samsung’s R&D facilities.

What we can see is that both the Redwood (GT-I8805) and Melius (GT-I8800) have recently arrived, “for R&D purpose“. We don’t know if this means that Samsung is still tinkering with the prototypes or if the devices have entered an advanced stage of testing (which would mean that an official announcement is bound to happen sooner rather than later).

According to previous reports, Redwood is supposed to be the flagship device (boasting 4G LTE connectivity) while Melius will be more of a mid-range smartphone (limited to 3G).

Are you interested in Tizen products? Do you think that Samsung will invest and promote in its Tizen line just like it does with its Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Is Tizen a threat to Google and Android? Let us know in the comments section.

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