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Samsung To Release Wearables With Fingerprint Sensors in 2015?

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Whether you find any use for it or not, fingerprint scanning technology seems to slowly but surely become a standard feature on the mobile market. Following Apple’s Touch ID, numerous other manufacturers have (re)gained an interest in fingerprint scanning, and evidently, Samsung is one of them.

Earlier this year, the Korean tech giant released its first smartphone to feature a fingerprint scanner – the Samsung Galaxy S5. Then came the recently announced Tizen-powered Samsung Z, and now the company’s main supplier of fingerprint technology (Synaptics) has revealed that next year, fingerprint technology will most likely make it across wearable devices. Could it be that the next generation of “Gear” smartwatches will boast a fingerprint scanner? It’s definitely not a far-fetched theory, but let’s see what the CEO of Synaptics had to say regarding the matter.

Samsung Wearables With Fingerprint Sensors To Be Released in 2015?

Samsung Wearables With Fingerprint Sensors To Be Released in 2015?

Samsung Wearables to Boast Fingerprint Sensors in 2015?

Earlier yesterday, Rick Bergman (the CEO of Synaptics) told the press in Taipei that the fingerprint scanning technology will probably become available on wearable devices sometime next year. According to his sayings, using a fingerprint ID sensor on small curved display is not really that big of a challenge.

While Rick Bergman hasn’t revealed any specific plans or wearables that might adopt fingerprint scanning technology, what we do know is that Synaptics’ only client for fingerprint scanners, at this point in time, is none other than Samsung Electronics. As such, our guesses are that, if Synaptics will provide fingerprint scanners for wearables, chances are that Samsung will have something to do with it.

In addition, the company’s CEO has also revealed that Synaptics is working on unveiling its first area-type fingerprint scanner in the second half of 2014. This may also indicate that the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 could take advantage of an area-based scanner, as opposed to a swipe module.

Until now, the manufacturer has provided only swipe-based scanners, and excluding Apple (which uses an area-based sensor for the iPhone 5S), Synaptics holds 90% market share in the smartphone fingerprint sensor segment.

When asked about a potential partnership with Apple, Bergman said that Synaptics would love to provide its technology to the Cupertino-based giant. Whether or not this will come to pass remains to be seen.

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