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Samsung’s Big CES Exynos Announcement: Exynos 6 and Exynos S?

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If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news during this holiday season, you’re probably aware that a couple of days ago, Samsung’s official Exynos Twitter account has announced that, come CES 2014 (January 7th – January 10th), the company has a big Exynos related announcement prepared.

What everybody has been speculating is that the manufacturer will introduce its Exynos 6 “octa-core” SoC (System on a Chip), which is expected to debut on the Galaxy S5, but according to a new report, Samsung has another ace up its sleeve. Join us after the break for more on the matter.


A new rumor has just started doing the rounds, claiming that not only Samsung will announce the Exynos 6 SoC but also a new one, called Exynos S.

If you remember, back when Analyst Day took place (at the beginning of November), Samsung’s official slides were mentioning that the company is working, beside an Application Processor with ARM’s 64-bit core (that would be Exynos 6), on another AP with it’s own 64-bit core (this allegedly is the new Exynos S).


The report doesn’t say anything about Exynos S’ core-count or specifications (only that it will have a 64-bit architecture). However, it mentions that it will be performing 1.43 times better that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 (what version of SD 800 is anyone’s guess).

As far as the Exynos 6 is concerned, the same source claims that it will be 1.53 times faster than Snapdragon 800. No other details have been shared, but we’re expecting the Exynos 6 to be able to utilize both its quad core CPU’s simultaneously (the official Twitter annoucnement does say “#UnlockExynos” after all).

It would also be interesting to see if exysting Exynos 5 Octa SoC will be updated to use both CPUs at the same time. As a note, the guys over at Sammobile have been tipped that Exynos 5410 (Samsung Galaxy S4) is missing this capability both at hardware and software level. If this is true, Exynos 5410 devices will never be able to become “full octa-cores“. The good news is that Exyos 5420 devices (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) are lacking this feature only at software level.

What do you think? Ae you excited to see what Samsung has in store for us at CES 2014?


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