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Samsung’s Metal Galaxy Alpha Coming In August, To Do Battle With iPhone 6 (Report)

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Those of you who have been with us for some time might be able to recall that in the past, we’ve oftentimes “begged” Samsung to get out of its comfort zone before the competition catches up. Fact is, for the past several years Samsung kept releasing plastic flagship phones, while some of its biggest rivals out there continued to push the limits of build quality towards newer grounds. HTC is one of the few Android smartphone manufacturers which deserve credit for this, and even Sony and LG have put in more effort than Samsung into changing things around.

Interestingly enough though, by the end of 2014 we might eventually witness Sammy pumping some life in its smartphone line-up, as a metal “Galaxy Alpha” is now said to be launched in August. More details below.

Samsung's Metal Galaxy Alpha Coming In August, To Do Battle With iPhone 6 (Report)

Samsung’s Metal Galaxy Alpha Coming In August, To Do Battle With iPhone 6 (Report)

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Coming in August?

The Korean media is now buzzing with reports suggesting that the so-called “Samsung Galaxy Alpha” will be released sometime in August, just in time for it to do battle with the iPhone 6 (which is said to go on sale in September by the way). Now, the interesting thing about the Alpha is that it sounds an awful lot like the Galaxy F. Its case is said to be built of metal, and according to the source, the Alpha will be part of a new flagship line-up that will make its yearly debut after the Galaxy S and before the Galaxy Note.

This is in fact the second time we hear something of the sort, as back in February word on the street was that the Galaxy “Premium” series will fill the gap between the S and Note line-ups.

Following the launch of the Galaxy S5, Samsung also lifted the veil on a new S5 variant dubbed the Galaxy S5 LTE-A. Although not much is changed in terms of design, the handset packs more power under the hood and comes with LTE-Advanced capabilities. Supposedly, Galaxy Alpha’s main goals are to bring the same top-range hardware specifications to the masses, all wrapped up in a higher quality body.

It sounds pretty exciting, especially if you’re a fan of the Korean brand. However, not much can be confirmed right now, so we advise you treat the information accordingly, at least until more details surface. Any thoughts? Feel free to share them below.