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Samsung’s Round Smartwatch (Orbis) To Be Powered By Exynos 7420? Launch: September?

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The wearable market is earning more fans with each passing quarter and now that Apple is gearing up for the release of the Watch there’s a lot of buzz going on regarding this particular niche. Will Apple succeed in winning the market over, posing multiple-year leadership over the competition? Obviously we can’t really be certain about the outcome, but what we do know is that the competition will not rest.

Samsung will be one of the major players out there who will attempt to challenge Apple and its Watch. The company’s next major release in the smartwatch niche will apparently be a new round gadget currently known as the “Orbis”. The aforementioned device was the subject of a couple of interesting reports recently, hinting that the wearable could be powered by an Exynos 7420 SoC and that it might be launched in early Q3 2015.

Samsung Tizen Round Smartwatch (2)

Samsung’s “Orbis” to be Powered by an Exynos 7420 in Q3 2015?

This probably isn’t the newest of topics, but as many smartwatch enthusiasts would tell you, one of the biggest issues with today’s smartwatches lie in poor battery life. Even the Apple Watch with its 18 hours of runtime turned out to be a disappointment in this regard.

Samsung seems to be aware of this and according to the Korean media, the manufacturer is now considering fitting the Orbis with a 14 nm Exynos 7420 in order to cut back on power consumption. Yes this may sound counter-intuitive given that the Exynos 7420 is meant for the flagship smartphone market, but in reality the chipset’s reduced dimensions contribute a great deal to conserving energy. Nevertheless, the aforementioned SoC still sounds a bit like overkill, so if Samsung will indeed fit the Orbis with the aforementioned chip then we can assume that the unit will be tweaked and under-clocked to further facilitate battery life.

As to when the Orbis will be ready for the market, it has recently been reported that the launch event for Samsung’s round and “luxurious” smartwatch will take place at CTIA 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada and that it will run on Tizen. The trade show will keep the doors open for the public starting with September 9 and ending with the 11th of the month. Considering that the gadget was initially planned for a MWC launch, Samsung has probably gone back to the drawingboard in an attempt to make it as feature packed as possible.

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