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Samsung’s Q3 Smartphone Sales: Better Than Expected?

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Most of you with an interest in the mobile market probably know that, a couple of months back, everybody was worried that Samsung might become the next HTC (aka in deep financial “mud“). That was clearly an over-exaggeration based on the fact that various so called analysts have claimed that the Galaxy S4 just isn’t selling.

However, when Samsung posted its official Q2 earnings it was revealed that, despite the slowing growth of the smartphone market, the Korean manufacturer still made $8.3 billion in profit (overall, not just the smartphone division). According to estimates, Samsung sold over 71 million smartphones during Q2, with the Galaxy S4 totaling 22 million units sold (most successful Samsung smartphone to date, proving analysts wrong … again).

But that was all in Q2, how about Q3?” Join us after the break for some estimates.


According to Samsung Securities (who offers diverse financial services, including brokerage, asset management, investment consulting and corporate financing), despite “Galaxy S4’s sluggish initial sales“, the company is expected to sell over 80 million smartphones during Q3 2013 (July, August, September).

This is clearly exceeding expectations and we should keep in mind that even if the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will go on sale during September, the phablet will most likely influence the Q4 2013 results.

So it looks like Samsung is still on the rise. Granted, the slowing growth of the market is not allowing even Samsung to maintain the same rithm like in 2012, but the manufacturer’s profits are clearly on the rise.

We’ll need to wait for the official results in order to get more accurate numbers, but things are definitely looking good for the number 1 Android smartphone manufacturer.


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