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Samsung’s Tizen Smartphones Will Be “Android Compatible” (Rumor)

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Everyone knows that when a new OS or ecosystem is born, the number of apps available at launch, or shortly after, is vital. Even operating systems with really powerful backers have had problems getting off the ground; just look at the early days of Windows Phone 7 or RIM’s BlackBerry 10 OS.

Ever since Tizen’s announcement, Samsung has been on a quest to attract app developers. The company has invested huge amounts of money into the platform, most often as prizes for app creators who would bring their ideas to Samsung’s Tizen ecosystem. However, it seems like the aforementioned efforts were not enough to guarantee a smooth launch for the impending Tizen powered, Samsung created smartphones (some have even predicted Tizen’s death due to the lack of apps). So what was Samsung to do? Make Tizen compatible with the Android ecosystem. Interested? Join us after the break for more.


According to the latest industry rumor, Samsung has decided to make its Tizen smartphone OS compatible with Android apps, at least temporary, until the number of native Tizen apps will grow.

Allegedly, at the moment, Samsung is negociating with two companies (one from South Korea and one from US) in order to make that happen. The plan is to create a Virtual Machine (VM) environment so that Java-based Android apps could be ran on Tizen.

Samsung knows that it’s not only hardware that potential buyers are looking at when buying a new smartphone; people are also interested in the number and quality of the ecosystem’s apps.

Not to mention that if they switch from another OS, people usually want their favorite apps to have a correspondent on the new operating system as well. And with the impending release of Samsung’s first Tizen powered smartphones, we think it’s the right thing to do.

So what do you think? If this is true, would making Android apps run in a VM environment, on Tizen, be a good idea? Let us know in the comments section.


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