Snapdragon 830: Improved Kryo Cores, Samsung 10nm Process, 8 GB RAM?

Snapdragon 830 To Support Up To 8GB of RAM?

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The Snapdragon 820 was officially introduced roughly three weeks ago, but as you may have already heard by now, rumors have it that Qualcomm is already planning the release of a sequel SoC, dubbed the Snapdragon 830.

Although there isn’t much to say about the alleged SD 830 at this point, fresh rumors from Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang suggest that the Snapdragon 830 will allow for even higher amounts of RAM. Also, he “confirms” that the SD 830 is codenamed “msm 8998”.

More details right after the break.

Snapdragon 830 To Support Up To 8GB of RAM?

Snapdragon 830 To Support Up To 8GB of RAM?

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Snapdragon 830 to Support 8 GB of RAM

According to sources in China, next year we’ll get to witness the release of numerous smartphones boasting 6 GB and 8 GB of RAM. Evidently, in order to fit a smartphone with such large amounts of RAM, the SoC itself needs to support it.

This brings us to the other bit of the rumor, claiming that the Snapdragon 830 – codename msm8998 – will support a whopping 8 GB of RAM.

As to why would anyone want to own a smartphone with 8 GB of RAM, well, at this point it doesn’t really make that much sense. I believe manufacturers can gain a lot more from proper optimization rather than cramming as much RAM as possible into a handset, but perhaps (or hopefully) the next couple of years hold many more other surprises regarding mobile software and multitasking.

Other than the fresh rumors at hand, previously it was speculated that the Snapdragon 830 will be built using a 10nm manufacturing process. In contrast, the brand new Snapdragon 820 is made using 14nm nodes and features custom Kryo cores.

As always, we’ll keep you posted if we find out more so stay tuned.


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