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Sony Honami Gets Benchmarked, Makes Us Want It Right Now

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With its official announcement drawing closer and closer, the Sony Honami (possible retail name: Sony Xperia Z1) keeps teasing us with various awesome features.

From build quality to some impressive camera features, the Honami shapes up to be quite the winner Sony was searching for after they erased the Ericsson part from the company’s name. But how about the smartphone’s CPU you ask? Well, it’s well known that the Honami will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC which should guarantee a snappy and lag free experience, but optimization goes a long way these days.

Well, if what we’re about to show you is true, you can rest assured that Sony hasn’t screwed this one up. Join us after the break.


What you see above is the Antutu score of the Chinese Sony Honami model (codenamed L39h). What this image tells us is that Sony Honami (powered by a 2150Mhz quad core Snapdragon 800 CPU and running on Android 4.2.2) has managed to score 30625 points.

30625 is what you’d expect from an SD 800 powered smartphone. If you remember, we caught the LTE-A model of the Samsung Galaxy S4 scoring 29976 so the Honami will definitely be able to go head to head with Samsung’s performer.

However, this is a bit lower than what the Exynos 5 5420 Octa powered Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has managed to achieve (33082).

What do you think about the Sony Honami? Has it convinced you with its specs and features? Would you rather go with another camera-phone? Let us know in the comments section.

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