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Sony PS3 Super Slim: Release Date and Price Guide (US and UK)

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In case you’re considering buying a gaming console by the end of the year, for yourself or as a gift, you’ll be pleased to learn that Sony has recently unveiled a redesigned PlayStation 3 model dubbed Super Slim.

The refreshed model has been unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show and prices for US, UK and Europe have also surfaced for each Super Slim flavor. Those being said, if you wish to find out more about the new gaming console join us after the break for details.

Sony PS3 Super Slim: Release Date and Price Guide (US and UK)

Sony PS3 Super Slim: Release Date and Price Guide (US and UK)

Sony PS3 Super Slim – Release Date and Price Tags

The new model will be available in multiple flavors, including a 12 GB model that uses flash memory and a beefed-up 500 GB variant.

There’s also a 250 GB bundle that will make its way on the US market starting with September 25th at the price of $269. For that amount of cash you’ll get the console itself alongside Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Game-of-the-year Edition, and (Eve Online fans will love this one) a voucher for $30 worth of in-game content for the upcoming F2P Dust 514 MMO-Shooter.

The 500 GB version will also make its way in the US on October 30, in the form of a $299 bundle that also includes Assassin’s Creed III.

In the UK, HMV will get to sell the 12 GB mode at the price of £185 whereas the 500 GB version will set you back £250. The beefed-up 500 GB model will hit the shelves starting with September 28th, followed by the release of the 12 GB model on October 12th. The 500 GB version will also be offered in a bundle containing the upcoming FIFA 13 game from EA.

European release dates will be the same as those in the UK but the prices will differ and they will set you back 229 / 299 Euros for the 12 and 500 GB version respectively.

As for the console itself, the Sony PS3 Super Slim claims to be 20 % lighter and 25 % smaller than the current PS3 Slim. The color will remain black for the rest of the world whereas in Japan the system will also be offered in “Classic White”.

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