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Sony Smartwatch 3: Improved Display, Wireless Charging, Square Design and No Android Wear (Rumor)

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With a new generation of smartwatches apparently being in the works, the wearable market seems to be getting comfortable under the spotlight. Now a new report suggests that Sony is preparing a new Smartwatch sequel of its own, and interestingly enough, the Japanese manufacturer might not jump on the Android Wear bandwagon after all.

The Sony Smartwatch 2 has been released back in September 2013, and with only two and a half weeks away from September, the rumor concerning the smartwatch’s sequel doesn’t seem far-fetched at all. Are you interested in learning what the gadget might have in store for us? Find out more below.

Sony Smartwatch 3: Improved Display, Square Design and No Android Wear (Rumor)

Sony Smartwatch 3: Improved Display, Square Design and No Android Wear (Rumor)

Sony Smartwatch 3 – Rumored Characteristics

According to Digi-Wo (who by the way has a very good track record when it comes to delivering accurate leaks and rumors regarding Sony’s upcoming products), the Japanese manufacturer is now working on a third iteration of its SmartWatch series. While the gadget’s raw hardware specifications haven’t been mentioned, the source listed three of the most noteworthy characteristics of the device.

For starters, the Smartwatch 3 will be announced at IFA 2014 and reportedly borrows roughly the same design language as its predecessor, delivering a square form factor. It will also use a transflective screen much like the SW2 does, but with an improved resolution. For those wondering a transflective display offers better visibility in direct sunlight and reduces the need of a backlight, thus increasing battery life on the long run.

Secondly, it appears that the Smartwatch 3’s user interface will differ greatly from that of the SW2, but oddly enough, the gadget will supposedly run its own OS rather than adopting Android Wear. The device will also have a built-in Wi-Fi module, so it will be capable of working independently without having to be paired up with a smartphone.

Thirdly, the next-gen Smartwatch will allegedly support wireless charging, and it will be treated with dust and waterproof capabilities.

That pretty much wraps it up for now, but remember that unconfirmed rumors remain unconfirmed until more data pops-up on the radars. If a Smartwatch 3 is in the works, chances are that we’ll find out more about it in the coming weeks, so stick around and we’ll keep you in the loop as soon as the story develops.