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Sony Xperia Z Refresh With Snapdragon 800 in The Making ?

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While the Sony Xperia Z is a powerful and sleek looking, premium built device, it has been launched on the market at the end of a cycle – the Snapdragon S4 Pro cycle. Soon after Sony Xperia Z’s release on the market, a new breed of devices has started hitting shelves – the Snapdragon 600 powered handsets like HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Even more, if we take into account that the Sony Xperia Z hasn’t been yet released in the US (it will arrive soon via T-Mobile) it’s becoming clearer that Sony’s timing was way off.

The manufacturer probably felt the same way – the Xperia Z is a great device, but people will most probably be reticent in picking one up as it’s already behind the times, as far as the CPU is concerned. We know, the difference in processing power is not huge but most people want to know they’re getting the (theoretically) best for their hard earned money.

Well, according to a new rumor, the Japanese manufacturer is currently working on a Snapdragon 800 powered Xperia Z refresh. More details after the break.


First of all, we know that the rumored Xperia ZU (ex Togari) is one Sony device rumored to arrive with the Qulacom Snapdragon 800 SoC on board, but it’s our belief that such an experienced tech blogger like Eldar Murtazin would be able to make the difference between an Xperia Z refresh and the Xperia ZU.

The only other detail disclosed by Eldar is that the prototype that he has been testing comes with an LCD3 display, similar to the one on HTC One. However, it’s his belief that the final device will arrive with an inferior panel, “as usual“. Let’s hope it will not be the case.

So what do you think? Would you be interested in a Snapdragon 800 powered Sony Xperia Z? Do you think Sony’s timing will be better this time? Let us know in the comments section.

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