Takee Unveils The World’s First Holographic Smartphone

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Smartphones nowadays have become incredible pieces of technology, especially given the fact that it was only a half-decade ago or so when the majority of consumers were using feature phones as their main distance communication tools. Nevertheless, despite the fact that today’s mobile devices pack incredible hardware specifications, we’ve started looking forward to the next big thing that will rock the mobile world. Some say that Project Ara could become such a thing, while others consider the Amazon Phone to be the key to the future.

Speaking of which, earlier today we’ve laid our eyes on a new smartphone that seems to borrow a lot of pages from Amazon’s book. More so, the gadget promises to be the “world’s first holographic smartphone”, but is it really? Let’s try to find out after the break.

Takee Unveils The World's First Holographic Smartphone

Takee Unveils The World’s First Holographic Smartphone

Takee Unveils the “World’s First Holographic Smartphone”?

Earlier today Takee lifted the veil on a new device that promises to deliver a holographic experience, as you’re about to see in the video embedded below. By the sound of it though, the Takee smartphone is extremely similar to the Amazon Phone, as its main “secret weapon” is the 4-camera setup fitted on the front panel.

It appears that the front-facing cameras track the user’s eye movement, and the data is then crunched in order for the device to create holographic-like items and UI elements on the display.

What really bugs us however, is the fact that although the video above hints that the device is capable of recreating full 3D holographic objects above the surface of the screen, all the screenshots we’ve seen thus far indicate that the Takee smartphone delivers an Amazon Phone-like experience. In other words, the 3D elements seem to be visible only to the user, and although they may give the impression of depth when viewed first hand, chances are that Princess Leia won’t pop-up in a holographic environment, asking for her only hope. Or if she does, then you’ll probably be the only one to see it.

[UPDATE] See the odd, spider like accessory (pics below)? We’re guessing it has something to do with the projection of holograms.

On the other hand, the Takee smartphone seems to employ a couple of new / extra technologies too, namely air-touch and air unlock. The tech appears to be similar to the Note 3’s Air Hover, only this time is on steroids! As such, the Takee gadget could actually one up the Amazon Phone in terms of UI, immensity and the whole 3D aspect. Only time will tell.












Takee Unveils The World's First Holographic Smartphone

Takee Unveils The World's First Holographic Smartphone

Takee Unveils The World's First Holographic Smartphone


The smartphone also promises access to a rich library of holographic 3D games, movies and applications via “Cloud Cube”. As far as the hardware specifications go, the Takee smartphone sports a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1080p, and comes with a MT6592T octa-core processor.

The handset takes advantage of a Sony Exmor IMX135 main camera with 13 MP and an F/2.0 aperture, complemented by a front-facing 5 MP unit. The gadget promises a dual-stereo speaker setup and the entire package is powered by a 2,500 mAh battery that supports fast charging. Also, according to its manufacturer, the smartphone’s chassis is built using an innovative 3D metal cutting technology.

Takee will release its “holographic smartphone” in white and black / grey, but a limited 18k gold model will also be available.

Would any of our readers be interested in owning this device? What’s your take on the whole holographic experience?

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