Samsung Does Not Give Up On Tizen, Brings Its Android Developers To Help

Latest Tizen Leak Shows Refreshed Obsidian UI, Intel Reference Smartphone Called Josephine

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The Tizen platform is slowly but surely moving into the right direction – that is: towards the day it will be ready for launch. During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung demoed a handful of Tizen-powered smartphones and also made the new Tizen-powered Gear smartwatch line-up official.

But, getting back to the smartphone matter, during the MWC, numerous hands-on pictures with a Tizen handset have hit the blogosphere, mainly showcasing the new changes brought to the user interface.

Nevertheless, Samsung is not the only company to be involved in the development of Tizen, and Intel is also a pretty big player. You may or may not recall this, but back in mid-2013, Intel has showcased its own user interface for the Tizen OS. Now, brand new pictures depicting a fresher version of the UI have leaked. Check them out below.

Latest Tizen Leak Shows Refreshed UI, Reference Smartphone Called Josephine

Latest Tizen Leak Shows Refreshed UI, Reference Smartphone Called Josephine

New Version of Obsidian UI Leaks in Screenshots

The Obsidian project developed by Intel has been initially unveiled in June 2013. Obsidian is basically Intel’s take on a user interface for Tizen. Back in June, the UI ran on Tizen version 2.0, but now that version 2.1 has been polished, it appears that Intel has prepared a new version of Obsidian as well.

The new user interface seems to rely a lot on diamond-shaped icons and elements (or you can call them icons and elements depicting obsidian stones shaped like diamonds… Whatever). The user interface has gone to a pretty major refresh, as you can tell by comparing the new screenshots above, and the old video below, showcasing the original UI.


What’s also interesting to note is that, according to sources, the new user interface is running on a reference phone codenamed Josephine, so Intel has the hardware part covered as well – at least in these early stages of development. Nevertheless, whether this smartphone will be manufactured by a different company, or by Intel itself remains to be seen. As far as we know, the device might not become a reality at all, but the UI is looking quite alright nonetheless.

Any thoughts on Intel’s Obsidian UI? Feel free to share them below.