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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich Live – What You Need To Know (Android 4 ICS)

by Mihai Matei on June 13, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich update has first seen the light of day in mid-March, in select countries around the world. One month later every carrier in the UK had released the update, which meant the US variants should be next in line to receive the ICS goodness.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich Update at T-Mobile (Android 4 ICS)

Early May we heard a rumor that T-Mobile’s Galaxy S2 might get the update mid-May, but the rumor was dispelled by the fact that the end of the month came and there was no Android 4 on Magenta’s SGS2.

However, at the beginning of June the carrier made an official announcement via Tweeter and let everyone know that ICS will be available for the masses starting June 11. It appears that the carrier kept its word and sure enough, Android 4.0.3 is now available for download. Join us after the break.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich Live - What You Need To Know (Android 4 ICS)

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich Live - What You Need To Know (Android 4 ICS)

The only downside concerning T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich update is that it hasn’t been deployed OTA. Instead, the update is optional and if you wish to grab it you’ll need to do so via Kies software.

Other than that, things look pretty good for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 owners and amongst list of improvements include Wi-Fi Calling and Voicemail enhancements, and CMAS improvements.

That’s about it everyone, the waiting is finally over so make sure you visit T-Mobile’s support page if you wish to get all the information regarding the update as well as in-depth instructions on how to get Kies software and download Android 4.0.3 on your device.

Once you’ve done so feel free to drop us a line and let us know how the Galaxy S2 handles the new update.

Thanks AndroidCentral for the heads-up regarding the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Mike

    ICS took away the brightness slider at top of screen. It keeps turning off my capacitive button lights. It ruined the native email app. It added 3 instances of Social Hub as running services. It disabled NoLock app. It added every person I’ve ever emailed to my contacts. It uses more RAM. It changes the way you take screen shots, but doesn’t tell you how. Don’t do it, people.

  • Sambo

    Experiencing problems since upgrading my samsung galaxy SII from T-Mobile website.
    My blue tooth head set stop working.(wrong pin or login code). google mobile email keep failing.
    Any Help will do.

    • ARK

      Had the same problem with the blue tooth. Delete the device completely and then re-install using the default password. that worked for me. Hope this helps.

  • Joe McCarthy

    Downloaded the ICH onto my new S2 with no problems.Only bought the phone on Wednesday and therefore did not have any stuff on it which might have been messed with.Downloaded it straight from phone not PC.Went into Software Update section,logged an account with Samsung and off it went.

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