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Could This Be The Upcoming “Selfie” Centered Sony Smartphone?

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[UPDATE] Post updated with new photos.

As some of you might know, several days ago it was announced that, on 8 of July, Sony Mobile Taiwan plans to launch the Xperia Z2a. We already know what the Z2a is all about, so nothing really exciting so far, but the news was accompanied by a rumor claiming that Sony will also announce, on the same day, a totally new handset.

No info about this new smartphone has surfaced, aside from the fact that it will be promoted as a “selfie taker” and that it will be globally available. Well, we’ve just stumbled on what allegedly is the very first photo of the aforementioned device. Take a look!



The pic’s quality is nothing to write home about, but what can be easily seen is that the smartphone features a front-facing flash and that its codename is probably Gina.

We’ve previously heard of Pegasus, Aries and Leo, but nothing has surfaced, so far, regarding this so called “Gina”.

Would you be interested in a Sony made “selfie” taking smartphone? Let us know in the comments section.

[UPDATE] In the meantime, new pics have surfaced via Eprice’s Weibo account.




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