Verizon’s HTC One Getting Closer To Release? Passes Bluetooth Certification?

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Well, well, what do you know? It looks like Verizon’s HTC One story, which had its share of twists and turns, is far from reaching its final chapter.

As most of you probably know, back when the HTC One has been officially unveiled, all the US major carriers, with the notable exception of Verizon, were pretty happy to announce that they’ll welcome the device to their line-up.

At the moment, we thought that Verizon has decided to pass on the HTC One because the HTC Droid DNA (which is essentially a bigger HTC One without the UltraPixel camera and aluminum chassis) was still a somewhat fresh device. However, despite the fact that both HTC and Verizon have announced that they have nothing to comment in regards to the handset’s arrival on Big Red’s store shelves, countless rumors have surfaced claiming that the One will actually be released on the nation’s biggest carrier as well.

At one point, the blogosphere was almost 100% sure that Verizon’s HTC One will be announced at CTIA. In the end, the carrier’s CTIA conference was centered around J Lo’s “Viva Movil”, and a lot of us thought that the “no show” was actually a confirmation that Verizon will definitely skip on HTC’s One, and why not, go with the upcoming Butterfly S instead.

Well, judging by what has been uncovered during the past few hours, we might’ve been wrong. Join us after the break for more.

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Verizon’s HTC One at Bluetooth SIG?

A few hours ago, the good guys over at Phone Aren have announced that, according to a tip they have received, Verizon’s inventory systems have been recently updated with a new device – HTC6500LVW. The intersting part is that, according to the tip, the HTC6500LVW code came with a description saying that this device is actually the HTC M7 (which, as you might know, was HTC One’s codename before the device received its final moniker). Excited yet? Wait! There’s more.

We just stumbled on a Bluetooth certification for … drumroll … yep, you guessed it, the HTC6500LVW. What this means is, if the HTC6500LVW is indeed Verizon’s HTC One (the Droid DNA was codenamed HTC6435LVW), the fact that it has been loaded into the carrier’s inventory system and has also passed the Bluetooth certification during the same day, might mean that the release date is just around the corner. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how things develop.

What do you think? Could the HTC One finally be on its way to Verizon? Would you still be interested? Or would you rather go with the HTC Butterfly S/ HTC Droid DNA 2.

Source: Bluetooth SIG.

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