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Is China’s VIVO Trying To Get One Up On Apple? (Hint: Sapphire)

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Whenever the term “sapphire display” is being used, chances are that the “iPhone 6” is mentioned in the same phrase or sentence as well. Unsurprisingly, this is due to the fact that Apple has been the subject of numerous leaks and rumors suggesting that the iPhone 6 will feature sapphire glass. However, truth of the matter is that the Cupertino-based giant is not the only company to have an interest in this material. Kyocera too has recently touched on the sapphire topic, when it revealed that it’s been working on a new product called “Sapphire Shield” which most likely will be used in the company’s upcoming rugged smartphones. The first such smartphone is said to arrive in the US via Verizon, where it will be known as the “Brigadier“.

To make things even more interesting, it seems that VIVO (the same company that has released the world’s first QHD/2K smartphone) is also trying to jump on the sapphire glass bandwagon, as fresh reports from China are suggesting that the manufacturer is planning on releasing a new 5-inch smartphone. Check out the rest of the story shortly after the break.

Is China's VIVO Trying To Get One On Apple? (Hint: Sapphire)

Is China’s VIVO Trying To Get One On Apple? (Hint: Sapphire)

VIVO to Release a New Flagship with Sapphire Glass?

A new report has recently took the Chinese media by storm (the whole media, not just the source mentioned by us), as word got out suggesting that VIVO is currently working on a new flagship phone boasting an all-metal frame and a 5.0-inch display covered in sapphire glass. Supposedly the smartphone will be released in China at the price of 3998 yuan, which roughly converts into $650.

Is China's VIVO Trying To Get One On Apple? (Hint: Sapphire)

Is China's VIVO Trying To Get One On Apple? (Hint: Sapphire)

No other specifications have been revealed, but the iPhone 6 has been mentioned by the source, so it appears that VIVO may actually plan on taking a swing at Apple. It has also been suggested that this new smartphone will be released just before Apple’s iPhone 6. Whatever the case, the latest iPhone 6-related rumors keep reconfirming that the 4.7-inch model might be released in September, but according to these recent pieces of the puzzle, sapphire glass is still missing in action so VIVO might actually win the race.

You may be wondering how the likes of Kyocera and VIVO have the necessary resources to release new smartphones with sapphire screens in a relatively short amount of time, while Apple seems to be struggling with the production process. Well, in all fairness, the iPhone 6 is going to be manufactured in much more greater numbers than both the Kyocera Brigadier and this mysterious VIVO flagship put together, so unlike Apple, these smaller companies will most likely avoid the low yield issues that have been a thorn in Apple’s side for months.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we learn more so stay tuned.

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