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Should You Care About Vivo Xplay 3S’ Awesome Screen? Yes, Here’s Why

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As long as you’re somewhat familiar with the smartphone market, then you should have already noticed that, every year, flagship smartphones have a tendency of delivering higher display resolutions and more pixels per inch. This year’s norm is, of course, 1080 x 1920, but next year it appears that certain flagship smartphones will deliver resolutions as high as 1440 x 2560. LG is working on such a panel, and Japan Display has recently announced not one, but two WQHD displays.

We’ve also learned that the Vivo Xplay 3S might feature a WQHD display as well, and as you may recall, earlier last week we’ve stumbled across a photo depicting an alleged prototype of the device. The question on some people’s mind however, is whether or not we should care about this smartphone’s high pixel count. The answer is “yes”, and here’s why.

Should You Care About Vivo Xplay 3S' Awesome Screen? Yes, Here's Why

Should You Care About Vivo Xplay 3S’ Awesome Screen? Yes, Here’s Why

Vivo Xplay 3S Screen Gets Magnified

How much pixels per inch do we actually need anyway? I mean, certain studies have shown that the human eye can’t make a difference when a display exceeds 300 pixels per inch. That may be true, but you should also keep in mind that the 300 ppi limit is not fixed. It also depends on the distance between the device and the naked human eye.

Getting back to the matter at hand, the screenshot above (which allegedly originates from an internal BBK presentation) compares the pixel density of Xplay 3S’ screen with the ppi delivered by the iPhone 5s (or any other with a Retina display) (326 ppi) and the HTC One (468 ppi). As seen above, the difference between the Xplay 3S’ screen (which delivers 515 ppi) is quite noticeable when compared with the other two devices.

Of course, no one will ever be able to focus on the screen with the naked eye at this small distance, but nevertheless, the difference is quite impressive.

We should also point out that, based on the number of pixels per inch and the Xplay 3S, display resolution, the handset’s screen will be no larger or smaller than 5.7 inches.

Any thoughts?


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