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Waterproof, Dustproof: Two Basic Features For Samsung’s Upcoming Premium Smartphones?

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Today is one of those days when we start off with fresh reports concerning Samsung’s future smartphone line-up. It happened more often than not lately, and that’s because Samsung has a lot on its plate right now, and rumors concerning the company’s plans are bound to surface.

You may recall that recently, we’ve touched on the waterproof topic and speculated that the smartphone market will see more water resistant gadgets in 2014. More to the point, there have been hints that Samsung is working on a waterproof Galaxy S5 variant, and that the handset in question might account for 20%-30% of total Galaxy S5 sales. Well, we’ve now dug out more information that further cements this theory, and as usual, you’ll find the details below.

Waterproof and Dustproof: Two Basic Features For Samsung's Upcoming Premium Smartphones?

Waterproof and Dustproof: Two Basic Features For Samsung’s Upcoming Premium Smartphones?

Samsung to Focus on Waterproof and Dustproof Capabilities

Earlier today, the Korean media has started buzzing with reports concerning the type of antenna technology that will be adopted by Samsung, in the creation of its future devices. On short, it appears that, while the company was indeed considering the usage of LDS antennas in its future handsets, the Korean giant has recently canceled an order of 5 million LDS built-in antennas, in favor of IMA (in-mold antenna) technology. Allegedly this comes as a result of Samsung’s plan to ship way more dustproof and waterproof Galaxy S5 units than previously predicted. Also, the same source claims that waterproof and dust proof will be two “basic features” of all upcoming Samsung premium smartphones.

The main difference between the LDS and IMA is that, while the former gives manufacturers the opportunity to create thinner devices, it also hinders the ability to create a waterproof smartphone. On the other hand IMA allows for a water sealed device, and while it’s known that in-mold antennas usually result in thicker smartphones, these fresh reports also point out that manufacturers like Daesan Electronics have developed a new type of thinner IMA that would give LDS a run for its money.

So, to wrap things up, Samsung is now shifting towards IMA, and the idea that the Korean giant has canceled an order of 5 million LDS antennas strengthens the theory that Sammy will release a Galaxy S5 “Active”. This comes perfectly in line with earlier reports which have been claiming that Samsung is working on manufacturing somewhere around 5 million waterproofed Galaxy S5 models.

Everything seems to match, and that’s how we like it. Of course, these reports cannot be fully confirmed, so as usual, we’ll keep you in the loop as soon as the story develops. Stick around and share your thoughts below.



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