Alleged White Budget iPhone Shows Its Face – Do We Still Trust These Leaks?

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Apple’s budget iPhone is either the worst kept secret in the company’s history or just a way for various “insiders” to have their 5 minutes of fame.

You probably remember the multi colored “budget iPhone” plastic back panels that have made the rounds during the last couple of weeks and how in the end it was proved they were fake (not fake pictures but unofficial products).

You might also remember the alleged budget iPhone hands-on video and the multitude of highly detailed pics that have been used by an obscure company to promote its cheap Android device. Yeah, hate to burst your bubble, that was most likely a publicity stunt and nothing more.

Well, if you’re still curious to see what the internet will unearth as far as the cheap / budget / plastic iPhone goes, we have just what you need. Take a look.


The device pictured above is very similar to the one used to promote the aforementioned cheap Android smartphone. However, it doesn’t look to be exactly the same.


If this is another prototype/device or just a “retooled” pictures we cannot say, but in classic “spy-shot fashion” the pic is far from what people would consider passable quality.

According to earlier rumors, Apple’s upcoming smartphone that’s not the iPhone 5S will be priced as it follows:

-16GB – $349

-32GB – $449

-64GB – $549

Well what do you think? Should we trust this kind of leaks anymore? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: @BenjaminTech

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