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White Nexus 4: Is This A Sign Or Just An Accessory ?

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Nexus 4 in White: A Possibility Or A Pipe Dream?

Let me refresh your memory and remind you that about one month and a half ago, there have been a lot of reports regarding the mysterious white Nexus 4, which in several leaked pictures appeared as real as the black model. Yeah… Whatever happened to that white model anyway? N4 enthusiasts were rather excited about news concerning a new flavor, and we’ve also liked the idea of the latest Google flagship smartphone being delivered in an additional color, but new info has stopped flowing in and lately we haven’t heard anything regarding the handset’s release, availability or overall whereabouts.

But, it seems that the idea of a white Nexus 4 is not entirely scrapped, as a picture depicting a white bumper for the device is now making the rounds.

White Nexus 4: Is This A Sign Or Just A Bumper ?

White Nexus 4: Is This A Sign Or Just A Bumper ?

White Nexus 4 – Still Alive?

The image you see above has been recently leaked, and as you can notice, a white bumper for the LG Nexus 4 has been caught on camera. In fact, the bumper actually appeared on the shelves of a Videotron store located in Montreal, so it’s pretty much official.

Now, in my mind, a white bumper makes sense assuming that you happen to own a white Nexus 4 (which you don’t because it hasn’t been released), but this might be a sign that the white model is actually in the making and that it could arrive sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, we’ve seen the white smartphone itself in pictures that seemed to be legit and the gadget is still nowhere to be found, so a white bumper might not mean much. Nevertheless, something might be brewing behind the scenes and perhaps Google and LG are planning on remaining somewhere on the front page with their Nexus 4 once gadgets like the HTC One and -especially- Samsung Galaxy S4 will hit the market in full force, and they might be able and do so by delivering a white model sooner rather than later.

Stick around and we’ll keep you up to date as soon as we find out more regarding the matter.

Thanks Pocket Now for the heads-up regarding the white Nexus 4 bumper.

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