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Windows Phone 7.8 Features – What We Know So Far

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During the past few weeks our attention has been drawn towards the brand new Windows Phone 8 platform and the hardware that’s meant to support it, such as the brand new Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

However, we did not forget about the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 update, and seeing that Microsoft has recently unveiled the Windows Phone 7.8 release time-frame, we thought it would be a good idea to make o short recap of the WP 7.8 features we found out so far (via leaks and rumors, Microsoft has been awfully quite regarding the matter).

Windows Phone 7.8 Features - What We Know So Far

Windows Phone 7.8 Features - What We Know So Far

Windows Phone 7.8 Features

A leaked document that surfaced on the blogosphere back in November revealed some of the alleged features that will accompany this rather long-overdue update. We’ve already been introduced to the resizable widget feature back in June when Microsoft has published a small preview of the new OS, but this new leak sheds more light on the supposed changelog.

Other features that might be available on WP 7.8 include a customizable lock screen, an updated version of Internet Explorer (although it will remain at IE9) and an MP3 editor that will enable the user to create his or her own customized ringtones.

Additionally, the update might include SmartGlass, Xbox Music and Rooms which is a Windows Phone 8 specific feature that allows the user to privately share chat logs, notes, calendars and photos with friends or other social groups.

Besides these WP 7.8-specific features, smartphone manufacturers might also add a few updates of their own and Nokia might update the Contacts Transfer app, improve the ringtone editor and add the option of sharing non-DRM protected media files over Bluetooth.

Even though it’s frustrating that those WP 7 powered handsets launched in 2012 will never receive Windows Phone 8, we’ll still take WP 7.8 over nothing. And who knows, maybe Microsoft is still in the process of adding WP8 based features to the update We’ll keep you posted.

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