Xiaomi To Soon Join The Force Touch Bandwagon?

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The idea of having a force-sensitive display on a smartphone seems to gain a lot of grip now that Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have been released with “3D Touch” in tow. In fact, the first smartphone maker to utilize force-sensitive display technology was Huawei, who beat Apple to it by a few weeks with the release of the Mate S.

However, Apple’s 3D Touch will be much more exposed to the public, which means it has a greater chance to become a sought-after feature, soon to be adopted by more and more OEMs.

Sure enough, according to recent reports, Samsung is most likely considering fitting the upcoming Galaxy S7 with a similar force-sensing technology, which seems to have been patented back in 2014.

More to the matter at hand, however, fresh rumors have it that Xiaomi will join the Force Touch bandwagon too; either with its own proprietary technology or with the help of Synaptics.

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Xiaomi To Soon Join The Force Touch Bandwagon?

Xiaomi To Soon Join The Force Touch Bandwagon?

Xiaomi to Adopt Force-Sensitive Displays in the Future?

According to a well-known Chinese tipster, Xiaomi has patented a new technology similar to Apple’s 3D Touch. The source doesn’t give any other details on the matter, so it’s unclear whether Xiaomi will develop its own force-sensing technology from the ground up, or if it will partner up with Synaptics and utilize the company’s “ClearForce” technology.

Xiaomi and Synaptics have already worked together for the creation of the Xiaomi Mi4c, which, as some of you know, uses Synaptics’ ClearPad S3708 capacitive touch controller. The aforementioned controller supports both ClearForce and SideTouch, but probably in order to make it more affordable, only the latter is enabled on the Mi4c.

Recent rumors suggest that Samsung may have teamed up with Synaptics too, but whether the Korean tech giant will utilize the ClearPad S3708 capacitive touch controller, or its in-house patented technology remains to be seen. In light of recent reports, we suppose the same goes for Xiaomi too.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to speed as soon as more details emerge.


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