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The Intriguing ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini To Arrive Soon In US?

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As some of you already know, ZTE is one of the few Chinese mobile manufacturers who have made their presence noticed in the western markets. ZTE is also quite popular with certain US carriers as well, including Sprint, so in other words, the manufacturer manages to steal the spotlight now and again (granted, most of the time with cheap, unbranded devices).

Several months ago we’ve talked about a rather interesting device that was expected to come out of ZTE’s factory gates, specifically the Nubia Z5 Mini. Indeed, like many other manufacturers out there, ZTE has also adopted the “Mini” strategy, and has built the aforementioned device using the full-fledged Nubia Z5 as a foundation. Now we’ve received word that the handset might arrive on US shores sometime soon, and honestly, we’re quite excited about it. Why? Find out below.

The Intriguing ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini To Arrive Soon In US?

The Intriguing ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini To Arrive Soon In US?

ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini – To Be Launched In The US?

According to Chinese sources, during the International Communications Exhibition event held recently in Beijing China, a ZTE higher-up has announced in an interview that the Nubia Z5 series is going to arrive in the US as well, and it will hit the market in October.

Evidently, the Nubia Z5 Mini is the freshest device from the series, and we’re quite interested in its arrival. The handset in question delivers a pretty good mix of specs, especially for its price tag. The gadget is being powered by a Snapdragon APQ8064 Pro quad-core chip clocked at 1.5 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage expandable via microSD, and packs Android 4.2.2 out of the box.

More importantly, the Z5 Mini promises a pretty awesome camera, featuring a 13 MP sensor with Konica-Minolta lens, a Sony CMOS sensor, 5 optical lenses, OSRAM flash and a slew of interesting features that ZTE claims to be aimed at professional photographers.

In China, the smartphone has been priced, at launch, at 1888 Yuan, which roughly translates into $310. If the same price tag will attached to the US model, we got to say that it will be quite a deal.

Of course, until we get our hands on the device, we can’t be certain of ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini’s actual capabilities. Nonetheless, the handset is intriguing, and we’re glad to know that it won’t remain grounded in its homeland.

Source: CNMO

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