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ZTE Launches Red Bull Mobile Brand, Collaboration With NBA To Continue?

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While ZTE became popular in the States mostly due to its carrier branded phones, the Chinese manufacturer intends on increasing its influence on the western markets, and deliver more. After all, that’s pretty much what most Chinese smartphone giants are aiming at right now.

Last year, ZTE took a big step into increasing its popularity, when it partnered up with the NBA team Houston Rockets. This made ZTE the official smartphone provider for the aforementioned NBA team, throughout the entirety of the 2013-2014 NBA season.

This was (and still is) a pretty big deal for ZTE, as this partnership represents the company’s first big push onto the US consumer market. And the Chinese company doesn’t intend to stop here, as the latest developments indicate that ZTE will continue to partner up with other companies in order to gain influence.


ZTE Launches Red Bull Mobile Brand

ZTE has just launched a new smartphone brand, dubbed “ZTE Red Bull Mobile”. The news came through the official Weibo “Red Bull Mobile ZTE” account.

The company has also posted the image you see above, which has been accompanied by the description that ZTE is now 16 years old, and it’s “time for youth“, as well as “Red Bull Mobile ZTE, youth positive energy!“. Yeah, the translation might be a bit wonky, but you get the idea: ZTE appears to be targeting the younger masses with this new brand.

In case you didn’t noticed, this new Red Bull brand also goes hand in hand with the NBA partnership, so it all comes together nicely. The only thing that remains a mystery at this point, is when and what smartphones will be released by ZTE, in order to pump some life into this new brand.

Any basketball / NBA fans out there? Would you be interested in a Red Bull Mobile / NBA ZTE smartphone? Share your thoughts below.


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