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Bad Company 2 PC Patch Will Bring Some Medal of Honor Flavor

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Daniel Matros, DICE’s community manager who also goes by his zh1nt0 alias, announced recently on the official Bad Company 2 forums that a new Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Patch is in the works.

The entire change-log hasn’t been revealed yet, but it seems the main feature that DICE will bring to Bad Company 2 is the Medal of Honor hit registration system. A lot of players have stated on various forums that Medal of Honor’s skeletal hitbox is much better than the system used in Bad Company 2, so i guess DICE is listening to the community after all.

According to zh1nt0, aside from changing the hitboxes themselves, the team has also brought some bugfixes to the hit registration system and improved the client-server communication. Apparently all these changes will allow skilled players to make more “localized” shots but it remains to be seen if the theory will be confirmed in practice.

This new Bad Company 2 PC Patch will also fix 3D vision, will remove the 2-second immunity when a player spawns ( or is being revived ) if he moves, zooms or fires his gun, and will fix problems with some of the game’s Insignias.

[UPDATE] The Patch has been released. Check out the full change-log.

Bad Company 2 PC Patch Will Bring Some Medal of Honor Flavor

Bad Company 2 PC Patch Will Bring Some Medal of Honor Flavor

DICE seems to be a very busy developer these days. These guys developed Medal of Honor’s multiplayer, are working on the upcoming Bad Company 2: Vietnam Multiplayer Expansion Pack, have teams assigned to work on post launch support for both Medal of Honor ( a new Medal of Honor PC Patch and the Medal of Honor Clean Sweep DLC are on the way ) and Bad Company 2. And don’t forget that Battlefield 3 is also in the works and DICE even lent a hand designing the game world in Criterion’s upcoming game ( Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit ).

Is great to see such a quality developer getting the recognition it deserves ( yeah, the community might have a bone to pick wit DICE regarding the Bad Company 2 DLC support and some other minor things but, overall, this truly is a AAA developer ). And who knows? maybe Activision will learn something from the EA-DICE relationship and will be able to avoid Infinity Ward-like disasters in the future.

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