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How To: Remove System Repair Virus / Malware ( Removal Guide )

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System Repair is a program that acts as a computer analysis and optimization program that displays fake alert messages stating that your HDD is having problems. The idea behind System Repair is to scare you into believing that the only way to get rid of these problems is to buy the full version of System Repair, however the full version of the program is nothing but a forgery.

Once installed on your computer, System Repair will configure itself to start automatically at Windows startup, and it will start displaying numerous error messages every time you will try to execute or even delete programs.

How To: Remove System Repair Virus / Malware ( Removal Guide )

How To: Remove System Repair Virus / Malware ( Removal Guide )

To make things even more difficult for the user, System Repair will make certain files and folders hidden. It’s vital to remember that when your computer gets infected with System Repair you do not delete any files from the Temp folder. The reason behind this is that System Repair will delete lots of your shortcuts and files and it will create backups in the %Temp%\smtmp folder. We will cover how to restore your files later on.

System Repair Removal Guide

In order to remove System Repair from your computer you will need to download RKill and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (MBAM). However System Repair is one of those malware that usually comes bundled with the TDSS rootkit infection. This infection will cause browser redirects so you might not be able to access the internet in order to download RKill or MBAM. If you experience redirects, follow this guide in order to get rid of the rootkit infection. If after following the guide you are still experiencing redirects then stop following this removal guide and instead follow these steps.

  • Before attempting to remove System Repair with MBAM it’s essential to use RKill in order to kill any processes related to System Repair. The RKill scanning process might take some time and you might get false warning messages regarding RKill but please ignore them. If System Repair is giving you trouble using RKill altogether then you will need to go to the download link provided above and download a renamed version of RKill such as iExplore.exe. Do not reboot your computer after this step or you will need to start all over again.
  • Install MBAM while making sure that both the buttons labeled Update Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware are checked. After the installation is complete reboot your computer if MBAM prompts you to do so.
  • Once the computer reboots you will be presented with the main MBAM window. Go to the Scanner tab, check the Perform Full Scan option and press the Scan button below.
  • Once the scanning is complete MBAM will show you the full list of infections found on your computer. Make sure every threat is checked and then press the Remove Selected button below. After MBAM finishes removing these threats, reboot your computer if prompted to do so.
  • Your computer should now be clean of System Repair, however some of your files are still hidden or missing. Download and run Unhide.exe and follow this guide in order to restore the files from your Temp folder.

It’s highly recommended that you follow this Secunia PSI guide in order to determine if your computer is still vulnerable to future threats.

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